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Salient Papers Proofreading is a leading purveyor of premium quality proofreading and editing services to a global client base.

Salient Papers Proofreading was formed by a group of experienced editors with the goal of providing world-class proofreading and editing services for students, academicians, businesses/organisations and private individuals across the globe. Our goal is to deliver a thorough and in-depth proofreading and editing service for clients that adds genuine value to their English writing.

As we spend small amounts on marketing and advertising, it is only by delivering a remarkable service to our clients that we are able to generate more business for ourselves. We are highly reliant on our clients sharing their experiences with their friends and colleagues about the great service they have received from Cambridge Proofreading. Over time, this commitment to quality service has garnered us a strong reputation amongst academic and business circles across the world. Our Quality Guarantee states that all writing edited by our team will exceed the English standards required by publishing houses and universities around the world. This guarantee applies to all documents received by our team, irrespective of deadlines or fees.

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All our editors are native English speakers with degrees from US universities and are passionate about fixing and improving our clients' papers. As one of the world-wide leaders in English editing, we've edited over 100,000 pages. You can trust us to perfect your next paper. We stand behind our work with a 100% money back guarantee.

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We strive to keep our overhead low so that we can offer some of the best prices in the industry. Feel free to compare our prices to others - we are confident you will find that our rates are a great value. We also offer instant quotes so you always know up front how much your project will cost. See Pricing